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Book and Music Exchange Highlands Presents: Bourbon, Beer, Board Games


1004 E Oak St 40204 Louisville United States
Join us for a rousing night of board games, brews, and bourbon! Squire Greene from Book & Music Exchange - Highlands will feature several different games. Hope to see you there.

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Tonight's Theme: ARRR! PARROTS, RUM, & BOOTY! All games will feature Pirates in one way, shape or form. You can talk like a pirate all night if you are so inclined/dedicated.

I will also be giving away a promo DC Rebirth playmat at some point in the evening!

Tonight's games:

Jamaica - Race pirate ships around the island of Jamaica. Collect gold, food, and cannons along the way. Battle other ships to steal their booty.

Sea of Clouds - This card game uses a Winston drafting mechanic allowing players to stash cards and score points. Players will also have to battle their sky ships 3 times during the game. Who will grab the most rum?

Libertalia - Simultaneous role selection is the driving mechanic in this pirate-themed card game. Pick a crew member, and divide the loot.

ARRRR! Hope to see you there!