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Anime Movie Night


1004 E Oak St 40204 Louisville United States
This is a free event.

Ninja Scroll - 8:00PM

Perfect Blue- 10:00PM

Ninja Scroll
When anime hit movie stores in the 90’s, Ninja Scroll was one of the few to make it to all the way to America. Ninja Scroll’s product is simple. It provides an extremely violent, bloody and high octane ride of hand drawn goodness. As for the voice acting… Don’t worry about the voice acting. It’s like focusing on the acting in a old school western. This is an action packed OG ninja anime that is guaranteed to shock and entertain. Plot is for those that haven't seen Ninja Scroll.

Perfect Blue
Straight from the mind of the brilliant (and dark) anime director, Satoshi Kon, Perfect Blue is an intense psycho-thriller that tons of movies will worship and borrow from for years to come. There's nothing quite like it and I don't want to ruin any of it for people that haven't seen it... This movie maybe be best when one knows little about it beforehand.